Valet Trash In The Palm Of Your Hands

Property managers now have access to real-time activity during service hours through their community property portal.

  • ZERO costs incurred. This is included with a partnership with Premier Trash Pros!
  • Order requests for complexes can be submitted via the property portal.
  • Photographing any faults that our Premier Trash Pro representative discovers on the property lets property managers address them as soon as possible.
  • Access to property violations and option to have an email delivery method to notify the resident of the violation.
  • Managers can opt to get text updates when services begin and end.

Complete Transparency With Your Valet Trash Services

There is a lot behind being a property manager. Waste management often takes a back seat to rent collecting, maintenance, attracting new clients, and budget management. Maintenance Technicians often get behind on work orders due to handling the waste on a community.  With Premier Trash Pros, we take pride in providing a reliable and professional service that property managers and residents will appreciate. But you don’t have to just take our word for it. Check for yourself on your community login portal that is complimentary with a partnership with Premier Trash Pros!

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